Jake Lucas David Kershaw
11/08/2006 - 05/09/2008
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'If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died'

From the minute he was born in August 2006 Jake was the light of our lives. Such a happy, friendly, loving little boy who made everybody smile. He was my best friend. I know we will never get over losing him. The world seems so quiet without him. We only had him for 2 wonderful years but he changed our lives for the better in that short time. He was so clever and his loss is just so wrong.

Jake was just getting really interested in Thomas The Tank Engine. He got a huge track for his birthday and he would sit for ages watching the trains go round and round. He also loved Noddy & Fifi and In The Night Garden and the little ipod things that came with Happy Meals. He loved his baby brother Charlie to bits and was so proud of him.

Jake died suddenly at home and in his own bed with his Daddy who had gone to bed with him to keep an eye on him while I slept with our baby Charlie in our bed. The day before he had been running round at Tumbletots having the time of his life but started being sick in the car on the way home. I took him to the doctors who said he had a sore throat and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. We discovered 3 days later (after a post mortem) he had a large benign brain tumour (a cerebellar pilocytic astrocytoma) which was never diagnosed and it had started to bleed which itself is quite rare. Jake had been undergoing tests because he would hold his head to one side and stumble quite a lot but was only showing some of the symptoms of a brain tumour and so was never sent for an MRI. Jake's case was later referred to a neurologist who confirmed that he should have been sent for an MRI as a 'semi urgent' case and the doctors have said the appointment would probably have taken 3 weeks to come through so it would have been too late anyway. A complete and utter waste of a precious young life. Every day we ask why him he was just so perfect. We are still waiting for the inquest.

Jake took his Iggle Piggle, his Thomas, his Saur (dinosaur) and a doo (dummy) and some other bits and pieces with him to heaven.

Jake, our little man - we love you so so much and we always will. You were the best son, big brother, grandson, nephew and best friend we could have ever wished for.

Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts.

Mummy, Daddy & Charlie xx



God Speed!