Jake Lucas David Kershaw
11/08/2006 - 05/09/2008
  Our Jake
  Our Jake

I loved everything about him
His spikey hair, his eyes that gave off a sparkle
His smile with the power to light up a room
In the words of my son It shouldnt have happened he was only a baby!
Now that is for certain and there is no maybe.
Which is why we are here
Not to fill a room with sadness and gloom
But to light it as he would, by celebrating his life.

He was funny and cute
However his intelligence was quite something
To which I must salute!
For there was no such thing as a mystery
He was well on his way to re-writing history
A slide was a WHEEEEE! Dinosaurs were SAURS and dolphins were WHALES.
I wonder if he would have let fish keep their scales?

He was a nephew, a cousin, a brother, a son
and lets not forget a Man-United fan.
Wherever he is now he will be having fun
A ride down his track with Omas the tank All aboard.
Next stop The Night Garden for  a laugh and giggle,
With his friends Upsy Daisy and Iggle Piggle.
On a hot sunny day Wheeeee! Down the slide, into a paddling pool
Filled with water, so nice and cool.
Some may say Rest In Peace in your magical place
I say Keep on playing with that smile on your face!¯


Written by Auntie Debbie : 10/09/08